Sandpoint 3 + MPC7450 + HHL2

Mark A. Greer mgreer at
Fri Jun 29 03:13:03 EST 2001

BTW, what tree are you basing your code off of?

"Mark A. Greer" wrote:

> Neil Wilson wrote:
> > Got it working now....
> >
> > Not sure if these fixes are just Sandpoint3 or MPC7450 or the combination,
> > but...
> >
> > 1) The openpic_init call in sandpoint_init_IRQ needs the offset argument to
> > get the SIO int setup.
> Are you sure you want to do this???  The intsenses stuff in sandpoint_setup.c
> is the way it is for a very good reason.  Can you send me your patch so I can
> take a look?  Also, can you send the switch settings that you are using.
> > 2) I also needed to add a enable of the TBEN in HID0 (bit 0x04000000) just
> > to get the kernel to think about booting at all - I put this in the
> > decompress_kernel function.
> I think that your sandpoint-specific boot head.S or somewhere else like that
> would be a much better choice than the ppc-generic decompress_kernel routine.
> > Do these sort of changes need pushing into the source tree ?, and if so
> > would anyone care to explain how a newcommer does this, thanks.
> Let's hold off on this until people who have sandpoints can take a look.
> Mark

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