AW: New Linux PowerPC development

David Updegraff dave at
Wed Jul 25 01:35:52 EST 2001


We also use 405GP, and have a tentatively "stable" kernel from a 2.4.2 tree.
The combination of these tools with PPCBOOT has been a really nice, open
environment to work in...

>>We feel we would have to design an interface into an FPGA. It doesn't
>>support 100BaseT either. We are also looking at using either the
>>MPC8260/MPC8265 or the IBM 405GP. I have been browsing through the
>>mailing-list archives and have seen that these processors are both widely
>>used. I would like some feedback from people that have experience in using
>>these processors with Linux and what recommendations they have.
> We are using the IBM PPC405GP in some of our new designs and are pretty
> pleased with the hardware itself. The only annoying thing is that the "free
> available" Linux is still pretty buggy and old (at least 3 months or so) :-(
> By the way: Dan, how are you doing with the ppc4xx merge into the linuxppc
> queue?
> Eventually (hopefully soon) when this problem is solved, I would recommend
> the PPC405GP.
> Sorry I can't say anything about the Motorola parts and their Linux support.
> Stefan Roese

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