AW: New Linux PowerPC development

Stefan Roese stefan.roese at
Wed Jul 25 01:26:25 EST 2001

Hi Cindy,

> We feel we would have to design an interface into an FPGA. It doesn't
> support 100BaseT either. We are also looking at using either the
> MPC8260/MPC8265 or the IBM 405GP. I have been browsing through the
> mailing-list archives and have seen that these processors are both widely
> used. I would like some feedback from people that have experience in using
> these processors with Linux and what recommendations they have.

We are using the IBM PPC405GP in some of our new designs and are pretty
pleased with the hardware itself. The only annoying thing is that the "free
available" Linux is still pretty buggy and old (at least 3 months or so) :-(

By the way: Dan, how are you doing with the ppc4xx merge into the linuxppc

Eventually (hopefully soon) when this problem is solved, I would recommend
the PPC405GP.

Sorry I can't say anything about the Motorola parts and their Linux support.

Stefan Roese

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