is (F)ADS 8xx board mature enough?

Navin Boppuri nboppuri at
Sat Jan 27 02:33:25 EST 2001

Hello Leonard,

I have used the FADS 823 for my needs. I did not have any major problems
with it. But the pro's tell me that it is not a reliable board.

I have also used the TQM823 board from Denx. It is a reliable board and the
support is good. My reason for getting the TQM823 board was that I could use
2 RS-232's. The FADS 823 has a 2nd RS-232 which may be used only if the
ethernet is turned off.

Hope this helps.
Navin Boppuri

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Subject: is (F)ADS 8xx board mature enough?

> A newbie question.  Currently, I am considering using FADS 823/850/860
> board for embedded system development.  While I was reading the "Linux for
> PowerPC Embedded Systems HOWTO" as every newbie did initially, I was
> referred to the message written by Dan Malek on 03 Sep 1999 in this
> maillist. His oppinion on FADS 8xx is that "I don't recommend using any
> (F)ADS board with Linux/PPC."  The full message can be viewed at:
> It has been more than one year since this message was written. I would like
> to know has this situation been changed?  I need  good PCMCIA, ethernet and
> UART support, USB support is need in the second stage of development.  Any
> comments from you guys?

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