Remote multi-thread debugging is valid?

Kwanksuk Kim kskim at
Fri Jan 26 18:21:42 EST 2001

Hi, everyone,

I'd like to debug multi-thread program on my custon board (MPC860) with remote

I'm using cross gdb, gdbserver, and kernel from monta vista, (gdb 4.17, linux

I test test code on my host PC, it works well. But I doesn't work on target

Just after the new thread being created, gdb displays these message,

17          if (pthread_create(&tid, NULL, sayHello, NULL) )
(gdb) s

Program received signal SIGPWR, Power fail/restart.
0xfee0724 in ?? ()

And the gdb doesn't show thread info, like this

(gdb) info thread
warning: RMT ERROR : failed to get remote thread list


Is it impossible to debug multi-thread with remote-debugging?

I'm looking forward to your helps, thanks.

Have a nice weekend!

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