initrd problems

Sébastien Côté scote1 at
Sat Jan 20 01:53:18 EST 2001

"Mark A. Greer" wrote:
> Where did you get this version of that kernel?  From the MontaVista CDK or from
> the website?  If from the website, when did you get it?

I'm pretty sure it came from the web..  I think it was downloaded at the
end of November but I can't be sure...  I could probably answer this
next week.

> Try this (if its not already done).  Go into arch/ppc/boot/head.S and add the
> following lines after the set up of r6 to hold the cmd_line.
>         /* r4,r5 have initrd_start, size */
>         lis     r2,initrd_start at h
>         ori     r2,r2,initrd_start at l
>         lwz     r4,0(r2)
>         lis     r2,initrd_end at h
>         ori     r2,r2,initrd_end at l
>         lwz     r5,0(r2)
> Go into arch/ppc/kernel/sandpoint_setup.c.  Find sandpoint_setup_arch() and add
> something like (again, if its not already there).
>              if (initrd_start)
>                      ROOT_DEV = MKDEV(RAMDISK_MAJOR, 0);
>        #endif

I tried that patch that I found in the list archives but it didn't make
any difference.

Sébastien Côté

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