initrd problems

Sébastien Côté scote1 at
Fri Jan 19 09:27:18 EST 2001

I finally figured out a small part of the problem...  My initrd_start
was overwritten (to 0) by the function start_kernel in init/main.c :

	if (initrd_start && !initrd_below_start_ok &&
			initrd_start < min_low_pfn << PAGE_SHIFT) {
		printk(KERN_CRIT "initrd overwritten (0x%08lx < 0x%08lx) - "
		    "disabling it.\n",initrd_start,min_low_pfn << PAGE_SHIFT);
		initrd_start = 0;

I don't really understand this function... Why would my initrd be
overwritten?!?  Anyways, I commented it out to see what would happen.
This time, it opened the root device (in function mount_root()) but
didn't go very far:

	sb = get_super(ROOT_DEV);
	if (sb) {
		fs_type = sb->s_type;
		goto mount_it;
	panic("VFS: Unable to mount root fs on %s", kdevname(ROOT_DEV));

sb is NULL.  Damn..  What now?  Is it possible that my initrd has been
erased like the kernel told me?  What else could it be?

I was also wondering if I loaded the kernel correctly.  I put my
zImage+initrd (zvmlinux.initrd) at address 0 of ram.  Since I compiled
the kernel with debug symbols, it takes a few Megs... Could it be too
large for it's own good?  Maybe somebody knows about the answer to that

By the way, I forgot to mention it in the first email but I'm using

Sébastien Côté

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