860P FEC and fec driver from 2.3?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Jan 11 10:33:48 EST 2001

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> "Gessner, Matt" wrote:
> >
> > Do this work?  I've got someone here who's got the LXT970 PHY
> > and the thing doesn't work with the driver from 2.3 I've got.
> > Has it changed?

It probably does not work with 2.3.x code; but then  -  I  never  got
lucky with any 2.3 code :-(

> There have been some changes through the course of 2.3 and 2.4.
> I think Wolfgang Denk finally fixed the FEC driver so it can be
> use in 2.4.  Some of the software modifications were driver
> interface related, and I made a couple because the MII pin
> configuration changed with > Rev. C of the parts.

Right. See our version of the sources in

Works fine in a couple of systems based on 860T and 860P  CPUs,  with
Level One 970 and 9880 and similar PHY's.

If your hardware does autoconfiguration you can omit most of the  PHY
recognistion  stuff;  otherwise enable it, but then you must assign a
PHY interrupt.

> The 860P certainly works, I use one almost every day for some
> kind of network activity.

Me too (in an ISDN router).

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