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Wolfgang Denk wd at
Wed Jan 10 19:18:49 EST 2001

Dear Micael,

in message <20010110060652.49687.qmail at> you wrote:
>   I'd like to ask you which compiler you used to
> compile ppcboot-0.4.4-pre1 package in order to get a

I have sent you SEVERAL messages (Tue, 02 Jan 2001; Sat, 06 Jan 2001;
Mon, 08 Jan 2001) telling you (among other things) to  upgrade  to  a
current version of PPCBoot.

If you are ignoring all attempts to help you I will find a better use
for my time instead of answering your questions.

> working ppcboot.srec file.Some one advise me to use
> CDK 1.2.
>   But after I finished reading the manual of CDK 1.2,
> I found that, CDK 1.2 is a Cross Development Kit for
> Host-Target systems. What I really need is a just a
> Compiling Environment, since I my goal is to make a
> zImage for my PBX823 board with a MPC823 CPU on it.

Any cross-compiler that can be used to compile the Linux kernel  will
also be usable to compile PPCboot.

>   I think, you must have the experiences in compiling
> the ppcboot-0.4.4-pre1 package, so I¡¯d like to
> discuss with you the error messages I met when I used

I have explained you these problems several times  before,  and  told
you how to solve the problems.

> Judging from this message, there is three
> possibilities, first, ppc_8xx-gcc can not compile

Your main problem is that you ignore all advice you get.

I tell you one final time: Upgrade PPCBoot. Get 0.7.2  from  the  CVS

All further messages referring to old versions  of  PPCBoot  will  be

and  while  we  are  at  it:  please  move  such  discussion  to  the
ppcboot-users mailing list. And don't use full-quotes.

Wolfgang Denk

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