MV kernel on 405GP

Juha Okkonen Juha.Okkonen at
Tue Jan 9 03:12:56 EST 2001

	I have a custom board that uses IBM 405GP -prosessor. I have already
	modified ppcboot-0.5.3 for booting. And am trying to get Monta Vista's
	linux-2.4.0-test2 kernel to run on it also. But there is some problem
	with exceptions. When start_kernel(void)-function calls sti() to enable
	external interrupts, the prosessor hangs totally. I don't get any
	dumps or anything else either. I have been able to verify with kgdb
	everything works until update of MSR-register.

	If somebody has a version of the kernel modified for 405GP and ppcboot
	both working, I would like to have the sources or at least ideas about
	my problemn.


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