Which board use 8260 CPU?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Feb 27 07:04:59 EST 2001

In message <000901c09fe8$def06760$8021690a at huawei.com> you wrote:
>     I just downloaded ppcboot.tar.gz files.
>    Since my custom board use 8260, I want to find a board  using 8260 from ppcboot/board as a example.  I know "cogent"  board supports 8260, but it seems to be a little complex for me.
> Are there other boards using  8260 CPU which can meet the following requirements:

Just check the top  level  Makefile;  it  contains  targets  for  all
standard board configurations, and the definition of the CPU variable
give  you  some hints; there are 3 boards with 82xx CPU at the moment
(some more in the works): sandpoint (8240), hymod (8260)  and  cogent

>  1  Initialize CPU core registers , SDRAM, MMU,SIU, CPM
>  2  Initialize Serial Port and Network (SMC , FCC).
> 3  Download kernel from tftp server or load kernel from on-board flash ?

AFAIK, all of them do that.

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