Which board use 8260 CPU?

Murray Jensen Murray.Jensen at cmst.csiro.au
Tue Feb 27 02:10:30 EST 2001

On Mon, 26 Feb 2001 19:40:08 +0800, "dony" <dony.he at huawei.com> writes:
>   Since my custom board use 8260, I want to find a board  using 8260 from ppc
>boot/board as a example.  I know "cogent"  board supports 8260, but it seems t
>o be a little complex for me.

You are correct - the Cogent platform is a modular system - different
motherboard and cpu module combinations, and the motherboards have
varying I/O capabilities (serial, flash, ethernet, pci, video, ...)
as do the cpu modules - I like the platform a lot, but the ppcboot port
is probably unnecessarily complicated for most other platforms.

>Are there other boards using  8260 CPU which can meet the following requiremen
> 1  Initialize CPU core registers , SDRAM, MMU,SIU, CPM
> 2  Initialize Serial Port and Network (SMC , FCC).
>3  Download kernel from tftp server or load kernel from on-board flash ?

Use the "hymod" port as a starting point - but it's probably best to
create your own port.

BTW, this question probably should have been asked on the ppcboot-users
mailing list on lists.sourceforge.net - this list is for Linux/PPC
embedded systems questions. Cheers!
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