8260 console problems

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Feb 23 06:24:14 EST 2001

In message <3A9564BC.D8C08CA5 at mvista.com> Dan Malek wrote:
> > It  seems  you  forgot  to  modify   the   "bd_info"   structure   in
> > "include/asm-ppc/est8260.h""  to  match  the  definition as passed by
> > PPCBoot.
> ...and you will have to modify arch/ppc/mbxboot/embed_config.c because
> the 8260 may not expect a boot rom to hand it a bd_info.  I don't
> remember how I left it......it may just fill in some hard coded values.

I don't think so.

PPCBoot does not use _anything_ from the stuff in arch/ppc/mbxboot/

>From the PPCBoot point of view, all this stuff is obsolete.

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