linuxppc2.5 tree

Cort Dougan cort at
Sun Feb 18 13:27:17 EST 2001

We upgraded the server and are still bringing services back.  Rsync is on
the list, but isn't a priority.  For now, I'd suggest using BK.

} As I understand be reading the mailing list archives, the linuxppc_2_5 tree at
} is where most of the development for the MPC8xx CPU is
} happening, especially USB stuff.
} only seem to export them to the "bitkeeper" tools which
} mean I am not able to download them. Is there a way to get the linuxppc_2_5
} tree by any other means, or any other place?
} The rsync method also seem to be "dead", although the firewall here might
} (likely) also be blocking of the rsync ports as well as the 500? series of
} ports. This leaves only ftp, http, and email as a possible transport method.
} Thanks,
} K.D.

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