How does one get physical address for iorempped window?

Subodh Nijsure subodh at
Fri Feb 16 03:05:07 EST 2001

[ Perhaps not directly linux-ppc question ]

I am trying to get jffs working on my board and in trying to debug this
I need to know this.  The jffs driver requires that I map the flash address
space usinng ioremap_nocache or ioremap, when debugging I need to see exactly
which addresses its writing the CFI query commands.

My question is --

If I map memory window using ioremap_nocache() if I use virt_to_phys()
should one get back the actual physical address? If virt_to_phys is not
the correct function to use, how do I get  exact physical address?


/Subodh Nijsure

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