programming ppcboot onto an sbc8260 with a vision ice

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Wed Dec 5 02:28:16 EST 2001

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Jerry Van Baren wrote:
> I've used the EST vxWorks-based BootROM (disclaimer: not the latest
> version) and it is nearly functional... if you use vxWorks, it works just
> fine.  If you warp your non-vxWorks world just right, it also works
> fine.  But there comes a point where you simply get sick of living in a
> warped world, throw away vxWorks, and load PPCBoot.  PPCBoot is MUCH easier

BTW: you can use PPCBoot and still continue to use VxWorks  as  RTOS;
PPCBoot  can  boot  more  things than just Linux - although that's is
main purpose :-)

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