programming ppcboot onto an sbc8260 with a vision ice

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Wed Dec 5 02:25:14 EST 2001

Dear Andrew,

in message <3C0CE281.2E0F451C at> you wrote:
> Yes that is the start of Flash.  For our final product we want our
> bootloader to live in Flash but I'm rethinking that for the EST board.
> From what I've read on the list is sounds like PPCBoot wants to live in
> ROM on the sbc8260 right?

No. The default configuration installs in the 4 MB  SIMM  flash;  you
can change the configuration to install in the onboard flash.

> Is the above documented anywhere?  I don't feel the need to reinvent the
> wheel for this board and I'd rather start off the right way.

Well, the config file for the SBC8260 is pretty well  documented.  If
anything is not clear, ask me or on the ppcboot-users mailing list.

Wolfgang Denk

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