MCP750 ROMBoot

Brian Waite bwaite at
Thu Aug 30 23:52:25 EST 2001

I saw this during a flurry of work on MVME2400 and MVME5100 boards. I can't
tell you if it was a kernel version problem or a config problem, but it has
since gone away. Go through your .config with a FINE tooth comb and make sure
everything looks good. Then try a different kernel version. Oh also just make
sure you are using the correct boot image and are flashing the whole image! I
have gotten bit by the copy and paste bug where my kernel size changed and I
stopped FLASHing the whole image.
Just a few thoughts.

On Wednesday 29 August 2001 10:50 pm, you wrote:
I use MCP750,linuxppc_2_4 from penguinppc. I rebuild the kernel,and can
boot the board via NFS correctly. But when I fill kernel in Bank
A(ff000000,onboard flash) and use ROMBoot, it appears:

Linux/PPC load: root=nfs rw ip=on
Uncompressing Linux...inflate returned FFFFFFFD

my kernel is about 840k,is it too big?

I realy thank the mailing list and the person who answer me.They give me
great help.
Brian Waite

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