A Question on QSPAN-II

Karaaslan, Utku UKaraasl at drs.ca
Wed Aug 15 08:33:46 EST 2001

Hello All,

I have my Ppcboot (version 0.8.3) running on my custom board, and the Linux
kernel version I am using is
2.4.1-pre7. Scanning the PCI bus is a walk in the park with the Ppcboot, but
the Linux kernel doesn't see
any devices on it during the PCI scanning functions. I have added the
ioremap entry to accomodate the Qspan-II
register image, so the physical access under linux shouldn't be a problem,
however I still cannot see any
devices when the kernel is running. Would you have any ideas on why this
could happen - and how I could correct

Many thanks in advance,


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