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Navin Boppuri navin.boppuri at newisys.com
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Coool!! Now I have the flash driver registering itself and telling me
all about the number of partitions on my flash etc. etc. I have the
flash device in the /dev directory. Now, how do I use them? I remember
using them before using the dd command.

Thank you,

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> Can someone tell me how to set up and use the flash driver in the
> Linux kernel. I see a CFI and non-CFI support for the AMD flash chips.

You mean the driver we maintain?

> am using an AMD flash chip on my board. Which one of the drivers do I
> load? How are these initialized?

For AMD chips, configure:


Add a "partition" scheme for your board to
see the comment in this file.

There is no more configuration needed (assuming you are booting  from
PPCBoot, which will pass the necessary parameters to the Linux kernel
[physical start address and size of the flash memory]).

> I have not been able to find any documentation on this. Any help is
> appreciated.

Just ask :-)

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