Installing rtlinux on mpc860 board

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Tue Aug 7 23:03:00 EST 2001

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>         I am new to rtlinux. I want to install rtlinux on mpc860 board.
> I have a mpc860T mdppro board. Can somebody guide me on which rtlinux I
> should use and what are the steps that I will require to perform to
> install the rtlinux on board.

We have a patch for RTLinux-3.0 on our  FTP  server,  as  well  as  a
kernel  that is known to work with this patch (there are other, newer
kernel versions as well, but these might need a little work  adapting
the  patch).  Included  with  the  patch  comes  a `README.DENX' with
detailed description of the patch and installation procedure.

Please note that there is also  a  patch  for  RTAI-24.1.4.  We  will
maintain  RTAI  support  in  the  future,  but  may (or may not) drop
support for RTLinux (no technical reasons, just because of the patent

Please see:
and maybe:

Hope this helps,

Wolfgang Denk

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