New Linux PowerPC development

Matthew Locke mlocke at
Wed Aug 1 09:55:04 EST 2001

Cindy Peters wrote:

 > We have just recently been instructed by management to stay with the
 >  MPC823 in order to re-use the previous software and hardware
 > development as much as possible. We are looking at using some VHDL
 > IP provided by Open Cores (this is very new) for the IDE interface.
 >  Are you familiar with this?
 > The VHDL code uses a processor independent interface called a
 > wishbone interface. I don't know much about it yet. I don't know if
 >  this is something standard or just developed for Open Cores. Do
 > you (or anyone else) know of any driver software that may be
 > available for this interface?

Having done several non-standard IDE interfaces before, I can say PIO
mode for the IDE OpenCore would be straight forward to implement. DMA is
always a bit more complicated.  I took a quick look thru the OpenCore
documentation.  It looks like the core would work on the 8xx bus with
few modifications.

 > I have downloaded the lmbench software to determine some benchmarking
information. I am not sure how to build it for the PPC. I have a cross
 > compiler development environment setup in a subdirectory. Can someone
 > me with this?

Sure, download our Journeyman product for 8xx, it includes
cross-compilers and 8xx userland.

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