interrupting gdbserver

Mark Phillips thewalthamgroup at
Fri Apr 27 05:16:22 EST 2001

Hi all,

I have a workaround for a problem I've been having with gdbserver, which I thought might be of general interest.

I have not been able to get gdbserver to successfully interrupt a running program, although I believe it is supposed to be able to do that.  As a result, if you set a breakpoint in the wrong location (or your program gets stuck somewhere you didn't expect), you lose control of it.

However, there is a workaround, assuming you have a console on your remote target.  Just do a "kill -SIGSTOP <pid>", where <pid> is the process-id of the Application (not the gdbserver that spawned it!).  This wakes up the whole chain, and you're back in control.

I hope this technique is of use to someone, although I gather most of you don't find it necessary (and the rest probably find it obvious).

Mark Phillips

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