ppc little-endian port

Alexandre Nikolaev anikolae at matrox.com
Wed Apr 25 00:38:05 EST 2001

Sorry, we were not clear enough...

Why we did it:
            We have our own image processing PCI board. Hardware guys
decided that since PCI is little endian, it would be better from "their
hardware point of view" to run ppc in little-endian as well. We can do
nothing about that and just have to run ppc in little endian.
Maybe someone else will be on the same boat :)

What else we did:
            We compiled the whole Busy Box using glibc with some
modifications of glibc (endian related + strange bug). Also, we compiled
the ash of standard source (taken from Montavista) using Dietlibc with
no modifications. Then we compiled and run an application under ash
shell (yieldt benchmark from Montavista) and saw good results: typically
7 ms and 11 ms thread context switch time regardless of number of
threads and thread size, for revisions 2.09 and 2.06 respectfully.

Which processors did we test:
            We ran only 7400, revision 2.06 and 2.09.


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