how to configure LCD as console for RPX-LITE

Alan Wang wung_y at
Sat Apr 21 02:54:33 EST 2001

ok, I am working on hhl's 2.2.14. I enabled:
   Support for frame buffer devices (EXPERIMENTAL)
   RPX-Lite 823(e) LCD Frame Buffer
when I configured the kernel.

I am sure the lcd is configured correctly because I clear the screen by setting
the memory mapped to lcd's framebuffer to all zero after lcd823_init_dev(). but
nothing happened when the kernel boot, nothing displayed on the lcd.
I found lcd823_init() calls register_framebuffer() to do the registration, and
the console should be switched to frame buffer after register_framebuffer
call take_over_console(). but why there is no char displayed? any suggestion?
btw: do I have to enable "Advanced low level driver options"? the help file says
the low level drivers are automatically enabled.


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