how to configure LCD as console for RPX-LITE

Matthew Locke mlocke at
Wed Apr 18 02:56:47 EST 2001

I don't remember 2.2.13 having a framebuffer driver for the lcd.
download the 2.2.14 kernel from

we have pre-configured/built kernel rpms for the rpx-lite called lsp's
(linux support package).  those are a good starting point for
configuring for a frame buffer.  As for the console part, I have never
tried but it should work.

Alan Wang wrote:
> Hi, all
>   I am compiling mpc8xx-2.2.13 for my RPX-LITE(mpc823) board. Now, I want to use the LCD
> as my console but when I enable the frame buffer and virtual terminal by "make configure", I got
> so many "reference undefined" errors when linking. is there anybody succeeded in this?
> how do u configure your kernel? thank you.
> Alan

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