Doze / Low power Mode with MPC855T D3

Nicolas-Peter Pohland pohland at
Fri Apr 20 02:19:45 EST 2001

Hi all,

I would like to put a MPC855T D3 on a custom board into doze mode when it is
not needed.
See code sample of arc/ppc/kernel/idle.c below.

It appears to be an easy task:

* TRST is connected to PORESET.
* SCCR bits CRQEN and PRQEN are 1.
* PLPRCR is 0x00900000 (MF = 10), i.e. TEXPS=0
* SIPEND = 0, i.e. no interrupts
* Then set TMIST=1 and LPM=1
* Then set POW and EE of the MSR
* Wait for dedrementer or interrupt to wake up the processor
* Take back the EE bit to ensure restore_flags() works

* I use _set_plprcr() to avoid the problem described in the errata of the

I put in code to count and to toggle ports on the MPC and it does not stop
On the other hand if I take out the save_flags(), cli and restore_flags(), I
telnet on the board before power_save() is activated and then I can issue a
"ps aux"
by typing return twice on the telnet window and the decrementer also comes
to a halt.
It looks like every second interrupt is swallowed.

Am I missing something here ?

Nicolas Pohland

--------------- Code sample ----------------------

void power_save(void)
  unsigned long msr, plprcr;

  if (!current->need_resched) {

      // go to doze mode:
      plprcr = ((volatile immap_t *)IMAP_ADDR)->im_clkrst.car_plprcr;

    	_set_plprcr(plprcr | 0x00001100); // doze + timst

	/* set the POW bit in the MSR, and enable interrupts
	 * so we wake up sometime! */
	_nmask_and_or_msr(0, MSR_POW | MSR_EE);

	/* Disable interrupts again so restore_flags will work. */
	_nmask_and_or_msr(MSR_EE, 0);

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