About sdata and sbss symbols.

Hua Ji hji at netscreen.com
Wed Apr 4 14:36:20 EST 2001

 Hi, folks,

I met a problem when using the powerpc-eabi-gcc, which I built with gnu

When I built my codes, I opened the "-G 4" option, which means, sdata and
sbss sections
will be enabled for containing all 4*8 data(for example, pointers,
integers).However, when I look at the map file, I found the symbols in sdata
and sbss are messed up. For example, variable A and variable B even have the
SAME ADDRESSES, allocated by the linker.

I tried to disable the sdata and sbss section by using compiler option
"-msdata=none" and then
all symbols went to data and bss sections and the system works well.

I guess I missed some points of how to use gcc for (embedde) power pc
system.Could anyone know?
Thanks in advance. BTW, my target is powerpc 405GP and I am using gcc
version 2.95.2 19991024 (release)

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