gdb load address and KERNELLOAD

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Wed Apr 4 13:04:46 EST 2001

Usually, if

1. you want have soem fun
2. Your physical memory size is bigger than 1G,

You will try to change the PAGE_OFFSET, which is the 0xC00000000.

Anyway, please find the link script as well as the PAGE_OFFSET settings in
your corresponding arch directory and you will get the answer, even though
this is usually discouraged.



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Subject: gdb load address and KERNELLOAD

Hi, all:
  I am debugging embedded Linux( linux-2.2.13 for MPC8XX) using bdm/wiggler.
I do this
on windowsNT with cygwin and insight downloaded from The
question is: how
can I download the vmlinux to a different address from KERNELLOAD which is
set to 0xc0000000.
I want to do this because the SDRAM is mapped to 0x00000000 and the MMU is
of course not enabled
when I download the kernel image via gdb. any comment on this subject is

  thank you.


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