EST SBC8260 and Canary CTX-1170

Dan Malek dan at
Tue Nov 28 14:14:03 EST 2000

Brian Ford wrote:

> Does Linux support the CTX-1170 MII?  The arch/ppc/8260_io/fcc_enet.c
> source code talks about the QS6612.  Will I need to extended fcc_enet.c to
> support the CTX-1170?

That driver either "supports" any PHY, or none at all, depending upon
your perspective.  None of the command/status MII interface is in
place to do anything.  None of those functions are called in the
driver.  The QS6612 comment is left over from the 860T FEC driver I
copied to get the framework for the FCC driver.

The Linux 8260 FCC driver works with the supplied EST hardware and the
CTX-1170 I have.  I know it doesn't work on some others, and I don't
know if they use the same Ethernet PHY or the deal of the week.

>From looking at the drivers, it appears they are a little out of
date.  I have a newer one (that I was certain I checked in) that will
interrogate the PHY.  In any case, this driver should work fine on
any half duplex Ethernet, and you should see transmit packets in any

> I know that the hardware can work, because the VxWorks boot rom loads
> Linux successfully via this interface and MII.

Then the driver must not be configuring the I/O lines correctly for
some unknown reason, or you are running full duplex without the FCC
initialized to do that.

	-- Dan

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