EST SBC8260 and Canary CTX-1170

Brian Ford ford at
Tue Nov 28 10:09:33 EST 2000

I am having the same problem that was referenced in:

Basically, I can't generate any traffic on the fast Ethernet as seen
by a sniffer.  I could not find any responses to that message, so I will
pose those questions again.

Does Linux support the CTX-1170 MII?  The arch/ppc/8260_io/fcc_enet.c
source code talks about the QS6612.  Will I need to extended fcc_enet.c to
support the CTX-1170?

I know that the hardware can work, because the VxWorks boot rom loads
Linux successfully via this interface and MII.

Thanks for any pointers on where to start.

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