Memory map

Konstantin Sabodash konstantin.sabodash at
Tue Nov 28 06:04:08 EST 2000

Hello TWG - pat, mark & steve.

I've seen your post to linuxppc-embedded at  regarding
memory access  from Linux.
Your code works fine.

 "paddr2 = mmap(0,size,PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE,MAP_SHARED,fd,0x50000000);"

But  page size is 1K and their start addresses  appears in address
space  with increment 0x1000.
So if I put 0x50000400 address it give me segmentation fault. It works
fine in region 0x50000000 ...  0x500003ff  next 0x50001000 ...
0x500103ff and so on.
Question : how can we increase page size to eliminate these holes.
Thanks in advance.

Konstantin Sabodash

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