linux 2.4.test on a mpc823

roh roh at
Mon Nov 27 02:42:14 EST 2000

hi there,
i'm reading this list for a while but cannor figure out
if there's a ready-to-run package to get linux running
on the mpc8xx-developer-board from motorola with an mpc823

is there any linux-software to connect to this board?
the mpcbug software from motorola runs under windows and
i can't get them to work

if there's a good step-by-step-howto please let me know

one additional question: is the a 'bootloader' aviable for that board?
my target-system is a ebbedded device with mpc823 8megs flash and 32megs
ram. can i boot this directly? or must i write a bootloader myself?

thank you for answering me and sorry for my bad english


joachim 'roh' steiger

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