strange lockup on PPC860T

Ron Avisa ravisa at
Sun Nov 26 09:23:38 EST 2000

With gracious help of Wolfgang Denk (providing a ramdisk.image) was able to
bring up a console along with networking etc.
However I'm seeing some strange lockup happening at 0xC00026a4 which
corresponds to do_signal_ret() in head.S.

micro is a power pc 860T
I'm using a redhat edk 2.2.13 kernel.
My board from hell is custom, so I've been making as few changes as
possible to the mbx build version of the kernel.
And I'm booting using ppcboot. Bdinfo on ppcboot and mbx build match.
Aside from I/O changes biggest changes have been disabling of external ints
and ioremapping to corresponding to this board.

currently shifting environment to hardhat for newer kernel.

Any suggestions on the above problem?



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