about ACE860 board

john zhan johnzhan at btamail.net.cn
Sat Nov 11 01:26:42 EST 2000

Some older board and its monitor do not support the SIMM which is more than 16MB.

Refer to ACE860 home,I am not sure its still there : www.ace360.com
If you are using ICE/BDM,please check the value of br(x) and or(x) ,(x) is which
CS your SIMM connect to.

For more information,please go to www.fel.com.cn ,
Don't fuck me,
it's none of my business,
 chinese only,:-)

john zhan.

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> Hi,
> Does somebody know the ATLAS ACE860 DARWIN board?
> It's monitor can auto test the 4M/8M DRAM successfully.
> But when I insert a 32M DRAM, the monitor only pass 16M, then test failed.
> I use BDM test it, only can access 16M too.
> Is this the bug of this board?
> Best regards,
> Wang Chao Feng

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