Tiny fix to fec.c for RPX boards using only fast ethernet

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Mar 30 17:04:13 EST 2000

In message <20000330024703.3E3C0355E8 at elph.research.canon.com.au>
Graham Stoney wrote:
> the same MAC address. The munged address is still in their OUI block, whereas
> using the same address on two interfaces is definitely illegal.

Why should this be illegal?

You will run into problem when you try  to  connect  both  interfaces
(having  athe same MAC address) to the same subnet, but why would you
want to do this?

For a common example just look at Sun workstations:  they  _all_  are
using  the  same MAC address for all ethernet interfaces there are in
one box...

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