About rs232 on motorola mpc8260 ads board

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Fri Mar 24 10:58:44 EST 2000

>I've been using the MPC8260ADS board(ENGversion) for about 3months.
>I have Port1(SCC1) connectedtoa SUN tty port and have had no problems.
>There is demo oe on the Motorola site that show you how to program theport.As to the ranges of outpuut voltages,I have not measured them.
I am using the pilot version of the ads board,and  indeed run the
init8260 example from mot web site.How do you connect the pins?
According to ads manual,pin 2 from connector is tx,pin 3 is rx,
,and i also connect pin 4( DTR connect with SCC1 CD on PC14) with
pin 6(DSR).The output volatege is 0-5V.but the logic is 232.
I think it should be i had not  connectted the pins  correctly?
At the time of writing,when i reading the ads manual,i found CTS(pin 8) connect to SCC1's RTS on PD29.But the Init program did not program
this pin?How about eng version's connection?Should i program this pin?


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