About rs232 on motorola mpc8260 ads board

zzh david-1z at 263.net
Wed Mar 22 19:28:39 EST 2000

I'm trying to make the SCC1 drived rs232 port of a motorola
mpc8260 ads board work.The manual says it can direct connect
to pc com port.But it seems the output from this board is not
rs232 voltage.i.e -3 to -12 for logical one,3 to 12 for logical
zero,nor is it TTL,it seems that it use 0 for logical 1,5.0v for
logical 0,so it is rather annoying. I have to invert the output
from 8260 ads,then use a TTL->232 converter to connect with PC,
it works when i send char from 8260,but cannot work in the
other direction.
In addition,for a while,it output 232 signal,but i cannot
reproduce it!!
Does anyone has experience with this board?
Thanks for your advice.

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