root nfs boot problems

Stephan Ruettiger (r0337c) r0337c at
Wed Mar 22 19:09:36 EST 2000

The tcpdump during the boot sequence shows me the error. I see at the
host the packets during tftp download of the zImage file. As the NFS
client try to connect i see nothing. So i changed the default setting
for ethernet from SCC2 to SCC1 (as described in the manual for the board
:-) and it

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> In message <Pine.SGI.3.95.1000321111628.2421C-100000 at> you wrote:
> >
> > I don't believe the "neighbour table overflow" errors are the problem.  I
> > get them frequently but otherwise have success.
> I have never seen such errors when the ethernet  inrface  is  working
> correclty.
> > It looks like a problem on your nfs server.  The "unable to get nfsd port
> > number from server" and "unable to get mountd port number from server"
> > messages indicate that at minimum, the portmapper is not running on your
> > server.  Perhaps mountd and/or nfsd are also not running.
> Well, IMHO it's more likely that no packets were  ever  sent  to  the
> ethernet  at  all.  This  type  of problemppens for instance when the
> Transmit Enable signal is not asserted.
> It might be useful to check with a sniffer if the box is transmitting
> at all...


     Stephan Ruettiger

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