Best embedded PPC eval board for Linux

Jo-Ellen F. Mathews joellen at
Sat Mar 18 05:05:58 EST 2000


If you're looking for a quick, out of the box solution, I highly recommend
Embedded Planet's new 'Linux Planet' product as a starting point for your
search.  This development kit is made up of Embedded Planet's RPX Lite
board (MPC823) as well as a default kernel ready to run on this board,
kernel sources, package sources, a minimal root filesystem for the board,
and development tools for building applications.  Of course, once you've
built a kernel and applications to suit your requirements, you can
purchase just the boards in any desired quantities from Embedded Planet.

Jo-Ellen F. Mathews

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On Fri, 17 Mar 2000, Tom Shaver wrote:

> We are looking to go to an embedded Linux/PowerPC solution to replace our
> existing IBM PPC403 design running IBM's OS Open. Are there any eval boards
> out there now with corresponding Linux kernels, ready to boot out of the
> box? We are looking to do as little kernel hacking as possible. Our only
> requirement is an Ethernet interface, preferably 100Mbit. Nothing "fancy"
> like PCI, USB, etc.
> Tom Shaver
> Electrical Engineer
> Planning Systems Inc.

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