Cross-compiling Bash

Gilbert Coville gilbert at
Sat Mar 11 10:46:37 EST 2000

At 2:11 PM -0800 3/10/00, Rob Grimm wrote:

>Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm trying to avoid going out and buying
>a powermac.  How do others handle this problem, when developing code
>on a non-powerpc platform?

Cross compiling bash is pretty weird.

Check out how we did it in the 8xx version of our Cross Development Kit.
The recipe will be the same for your 750 -- just point it to your 750 cross
tools.  The recipe is in the %build portion of the SPEC file in the SRPM
for bash:

Also, we'll have a 750-based version of our CDK out in a few days, if
you're willing to wait.


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