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> I have an MPC860 on an MBX-board running Linux 2.2.13 based on MontaVista
> sources. I want to add ISDN functionality. Has anyone of you already done
> work in this area ?

Not completed yet, but we are working on it.

The design is  based  on  the  HFC-SP  chips  by  Cologne  Chip,  see

> As far as I got it I have to write a new hardware-level driver for the
> isdn4linux subsystem, is that right ? Is anyone aware of special problems
> I have to focus ?

Interfacing the ISDN chips with the MPC8xx  bus  might  be  an  issue
(timing).  That's  why we selected a PCMCIA based design (although we
won't use a PCMCIA card).

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