IBM405GP startup-code

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Fri Jun 30 00:06:20 EST 2000

Hi grant,

>From several days now, it seems that your web server is down or unreachable.
I try to go to to get your
latest status on the 4xx port.

Thanks for your collaboration.
Best Regards


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> On 6/29/2000 1:49 AM, Stefan Roese wrote:
> >we are currently developing a cpci board with the ibm 405gp ppc. We would
> >like to run linux on this board. Now i have to write the startup-code for
> >this board (init of cpu, sdram-controller, etc.). Has anybody allready
> >written some startup-code for the 405gp? Would you share this code with
> us
> >to speed up our developement?
> If you purchase the 405GP BSP development kit (with or without the
> "Walnut" reference board) from IBM, they provide some basic boot ROM code
> that you may use and modify.
> Regards,
> Grant
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