MMU problems?

Patrick Lerda Lerda at
Fri Jun 23 17:43:56 EST 2000

The things work better on our board now. The main problem, with 8xx kernel
patches are spread everywhere, and kernel like mpc8xx contains
a lot of useless changes that make the changes difficult to resync with the
serie. Kernel like 2.2.16 works properly and reliably on PPC7xx and PPC6xx
with a lot of PCI drivers functionnal now. I think the main effort will be
to resync 8xx kernels
with the standard ones. Now I have a patched 2.2.16 kernel that seems to
work on our board. Complex operations like compiling a kernel
take hours to complete on a 8xx board, and the bugs seems to have a low

(With the classic mpc8xx kernel, the system crash after only 20 minutes
while compiling
a kernel)

I have some success with theses kernel now, but I'm not sure if some bugs
remains, testing this system takes now hours... And this is quite

Patrick LERDA

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> Date:	jeudi 22 juin 2000 17:58
> À:	Patrick Lerda
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> Objet:	Re: MMU problems?
> Patrick Lerda wrote:
> >
> > Have you tried to do complex operation on a 8xx board like compiling the
> > kernel.
> Yes, and it runs just like any other system that doesn't have any
> swap space and a minimal amount of memory.  Some things just don't
> work well, and applications fail because few test for memory allocation
> failure.
> Are there bugs?  Perhaps.  Do I want them fixed?  Yes.
> Do you want to help this FREE software effort?  If you are so sure
> there is an MMU bug, find it, fix it, and send me the patch.  We would
> all be grateful.  If you want dedicated help to assist your custom
> product development so you can make money, you may have to pay one
> of the very capable embedded Linux companies for this attention.
> Thanks.
> 	-- Dan

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