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Wentao Xu xuwentao at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 22 11:07:04 EST 2000


It is great to get your msg. Yes, my board is
It has these components:

• Philips IC (Smartcard) Card Interfaces (TDA8002 and
• Crystal Semiconductor Multi Standard Infrared
Transceiver (CS8130)
• 4M x 16 DRAM Chips (2 components are used for 32 bit
mode, 1 for 16 bit mode)
• SDRAM Memory Chips (4M x 16, 2 chips)
• 2 AMD Am29F800B 1MB Flash ROMs for a total of 2 MB
(socket for 1 Flash in 16 bit
• National Ethernet Controller (DP83902AV)
• Programmable Logic
– Xilinx FPGA (XC5210 and XC3142)
– PLD (XC9536) - controls IDE and Ethernet interfaces
• Xicor 2KB I2C EEPROM (X24165S)
• 27 MHz VCXO
• IBM31T1100A IR transceiver
• Siemens SFH 506-38: IR receiver/38 KHz demodulator
• MAXIM MAX562: Serial RS-232 level conversion for
16550 UART2
• Rockwell 2400 baud socket modem SF224ATF
• ATMEL AT45D021 2MB Serial FLASH

I am looking forward to your further help.


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