PCMCIA ATA flash support?

Lucinda Schafer lucsch at adaptivemicro.com
Wed Jun 21 01:44:12 EST 2000

I assume the patches you are using are for the problems described in


If not, you might read that one..

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Subject: PCMCIA ATA flash support?

I'm trying to get PCMCIA support working on Montavista's Hardhat linux and
an RPX lite (MPC 823).  The PC card I'm using is a SanDisk ATA flashdisk,
if that makes a difference.

I've got the patches from absoval.com and followed all the instructions in
their doc.  I also have read the PCMCIA howto.

I can insmod the pcmcia drivers, and a cardctl ident does identify the
card to be a SunDisk fixed disk.

But as soon as I start cardmgr to attach the IDE device, I get:
kernel panic: Kernel Mode Software FPU Emulation

I've tried compiling the kernel both with and without FPU emulation, and
I've also tried changing the memory addresses, as suggested by the PCMCIA
howto.  I even tried replacing the card.  Nothing seems to make a

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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