RFC: Embedded Linux Page

Mark Hatle fray at gate.crashing.org
Tue Jun 20 09:48:59 EST 2000

As some of you are aware, the LinuxPPC.org site is being redone.  I have
convinced them that an embedded section is needed.  They agreed.  And now
I have the responsibility to fill it and maintain it.

Currently I am thinking of having a FAQ section, Processor Compatability
list, Hardware manufacturer page, Software Page (this like CDKs and
embedded distributions), and news relavent to PPC Embedded Linux.

Now what I need from you folks are suggests on content, specific things
that should be listed under each area, etc.

Thank you for your help,

(FYI just so nobody thinks I'm trying to "fool" anyone, I am a MontaVista
employee, but I will be doing this on my own time.)

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