Running the 823 FADS board @ 72 MHZ

Kirk Haderlie khaderlie at
Sat Jun 10 02:42:15 EST 2000

Are you aware of a development board that is running the faster speed CPU's?
We need the faster speed for our application.

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The FADS board are not designed to run at that speed.  Just for kicks,
I've tried seeing how fast I can go without problems.  At about 60 MHz
the SDRAM no longer works, and 68 MHz the DRAM starts not working.  This
is with the default 50 MHz tables.  With better tuning, it may be
to go higher, but I doubt you could reach 72 MHz with the FADS.

Kirk Haderlie wrote:
> We are trying to run the FADS board @ 72MHz and enjoying the infamous UPM
> tables.  Has anyone successfully run the FADS board at this speed and if
> would you be willing to share your UPM tables.  We  are trying to set them
> up for the SDRAM and 60-ns EDO DRAM.
> Kirk Haderlie
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