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Sat Jun 3 03:08:17 EST 2000


The problem you cite below is the outcome if you've compiled the
application using the standard GCC PowerPC compiler (native or cross). If
you're using the glibc from MontaVista, you need to use their compiler or
you need to build your own in a manner similar to what they've done.



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On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Elizabeth Clarke wrote:
> I'm trying to get jdk118_v2 from to work, but get an
> error loading the shared libraries with __register_frame_info
> missing.
> I'm using glibc1.1.2 from mvista, and defaulting to green_threads. My
> research has thrown up that libraries compiled with gcc and binaries
> compiled with egcs are incompatible. Has anyone else encountered this
> problem, did you resolve it, and how? please.
> Thanks,
> Beth

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