kmem_grow: Called nonatomically from int - size-32?

Cal Erickson cal_erickson at
Thu Jul 27 01:13:10 EST 2000

You are trying to get a new piece of cache. The message occurs when
there is not one available. After the message appears the system goes
into a spinlock and tries again. This continues until the request is satisfied.

This could be an indication that you have a memory leak somewhere and
are not returning memory.

Mike Flynn wrote:

> We have been hacking away on a TI  16C554 quad UART driver based on
> serial.c. The driver supports the TI chip on our motherboard which hosts an
> Embedded Planet CLLF with an MOT 860T processor. We have all four ports
> working with interrupts, but we are seeing this message several times before
> the system hangs: "kmem_grow: Called nonatomically from int - size-32." It
> is issued from linux/mm/slab.c and obviously has something to do with shared
> memory. Does anyone have insight as to what we are (or are not doing) to
> upset slab.c?
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